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MacProVideo - Logic 402: Logic's Guitar Recording Toolbox [TUTORiAL]

MacProVideo - Logic 402: Logic's Guitar Recording Toolbox [TUTORiAL]| 540.39 MB

A message from Steve H:

"This tutorial is one of our finest Logic tutorials ever! With the addition of the Pedalboard and Amp Designer plugins, Logic’s virtual guitar arsenal is capable of overheating transistors, blowing out tubes and stomping out the most awesomely realistic or warped 6 string soundscapes anywhere! I’ve already started using many of these awesome techniques in my tracks and now you can too!”

Want to recreate that vintage British sound? How about hi-octane metal stacks or edgy leads? Maybe you want to create a combination of pedals and stacks that would be impossible in the real, hardwired world? With Logic’s Pedalboard and Amp Designer anything and everything is possible!

In this amazing tutorial, Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox, master guitarist, producer and educator, Toby Pitman, shows you everything you need to know about getting the perfect guitar sound in Logic. He explores every detail of the virtual amps, explaining their design, EQ, circuitry and history while simultaneously performing first class style-based examples on several of his collectable guitars. Tony teaches us how and why his guitars sound the way they do. Then Toby dives deep into the stomp boxes exploring their functionality and demonstrating routing techniques that best show-off the sonic power of Pedalboard.

But there’s so much more! Toby teaches us about impedance, the different kinds of pickups, the power of parallel microphone techniques and even how to create killer percussion parts using the electric guitar as the the sound source! He even amps the drums!





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Groove3 - Sonar X2 Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 - Sonar X2 Explained [TUTORiAL]| 1.06 GB


Cakewalk has done it again, this time taking their flagship DAW SONAR to the next level, adding tons of new features and functions. SONAR X2 is here and Eli Krantzberg is the man with the plan, showing you all of its ins and outs. 

Eli begins with the basics such as basic audio and MIDI hardware setup and settings, interface overviews, bussing and auditioning loops, using the Synth Tab to browse and load soft synths and cool Time Ruler & Transport tips. Next, Eli goes deeper and gets into recording MIDI and Audio, customizing your workflow, editing in Track View, using Markers, the Track Inspector and Clip Properties.

Eli then shows you how to work with Groove Clips, the Piano Roll View, Auto-Punch Recording, Loop Recording and working with Take Lanes. Mixing is next on the menu with lessons on customizing the Console View, Multi-Port Instruments and Track Folders, working with real-time effects and effect chains. He then wraps up the series with advanced mixing techniques such as using Sends and Busses, EQ and Compression, Automation Modes and Lanes, the ProChannel and final mix and fade out.

If you're going to make SONAR X2 your main DAW, this series will take you from slow to pro in no time... Get Sonar X2 Explained today.
Product Highlights

45 Tutorials / Over 5 Hours Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate SONAR X2 users
Tutorials written by DAW master Eli Krantzberg
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Viewing Options: Online, Download, Disc, iDevice Streaming





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Groove3 - Sibelius 7 Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 - Sibelius 7 Explained [TUTORiAL] | 765.46 MB


Are you a composer or musician who wishes to write out sheet music or lead sheets for your compositions? AVID instructor James Ivey takes you on a musical notation journey, showing you the amazing Sibelius 7 inside and out. You'll have your compositions printed out in no time! 

James starts at the beginning, covering topics such as installation, connection and overviews of the main Ribbon Menu. Next, he goes deep into topics such as The Home Tab, Note Input Tab, Transform and Arrangements. James then covers The Notations Tab, the Text Tab, Playback Tab, Layout Tab and Appearance Tab.

James then goes even deeper, showing you the Performance mode, how to sync videos with Timecode, working with 3rd Party instruments, creating an audio file, using sounds sets, ReWire and much, much more.

Learn Sibelius 7 from one of the company's own Sibelius trainers, James Ivey. You'll be creating and printing out your masterpieces in no time... Get "Sibelius 7 Explained" today.
Product Hightlights

23 Tutorials / Over 3 Hours Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate Sibelius 7 users
Tutorials written by AVID Sibelius presenter James Ivey
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Viewing Options: Online, Download, Disc, iDevice Streaming





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Ask Video - Music Business 102: Mechanical Royalties and Licensing [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video - Music Business 102: Mechanical Royalties and Licensing [TUTORiAL] | 174.53 MB

Make money from your music! This course teaches you about the different "Income Streams” that’ll transform your inspiration into capitalization!

Yes, the music business is complicated, and that’s why so many musicians are unsuspectedly ripped off by the savvy executives that control the industry. But thankfully there’s a remedy. It’s called education! Because even though your music rights are protected by federal law, it’s up to you to understand the law and the different ways you can monetize your music to take advantage of those federal rights! 

In this second course in our Music Business series, Dr. Paul Bissell teaches us about the financial firepower waiting to be unleashed by simply knowing about Mechanical Royalties and Licensing. You’ll understand the all important facts and implications of getting a royalty deal or getting a flat fee for your hard work! You’ll learn about the Four Income Streams and how they are collected and divided between between the artist, composer and publisher.

From there Dr. Paul plows into the power of publishing. He explains the differences between being your own publisher and/or landing a publishing deal so you can decide what path works best for you. Next you learn about Advance and Recoupment and all the different kinds of royalty deals that can be constructed in this crazy business!

So whether you’re a songwriter, recording artist, game music composer, film composer or even a bandmate, this course will help you make better deals to ensure that the music you create (or collaborate on) will reward you and your family with royalty income for years to come!





Category: Tutorial | Reads: 432 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 13.11.2012

Lynda.com - Up and Running with Audacity 2012 [TUTORiAL]

Lynda.com - Up and Running with Audacity 2012 [TUTORiAL] | 343.77 MB

This course shows nonaudio professionals how to set up Audacity, a free audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and start recording live audio. Author Garrick Chow explores some of its most powerful and useful features in under two hours, getting you up and running with Audacity quickly. Discover how to set up mics and other audio input devices, and record one or more tracks simultaneously. The editing portion of the course shows you how to cut, copy, splice, or mix sounds together in seamless and interesting ways. Garrick also shows how to remove unwanted background noises, change the speed or pitch of a recording, and bleep out words.

Topics include:

Creating a new project
Adding tracks
Recording two tracks simultaneously
Making selections
Splitting clips
Automating volume
Adding sound effects
Using compression
Inserting silence
Exporting your project

Introduction 1m 38s 
Welcome 49s
Using the exercise files 49s

1. Getting Started 16m 46s 

What is Audacity? 1m 11s
Downloading and installing Audacity on a Mac 2m 30s
Downloading and installing Audacity on Windows 2m 5s
Importing audio 3m 34s
Playing audio 7m 26s

2. Recording 28m 59s 

Setting up your hardware 4m 44s
Creating a new project 8m 1s
Recording 5m 57s
Adding tracks 6m 41s
Recording to two tracks simultaneously 3m 36s

3. Basic Editing 34m 31s 

Making selections 5m 53s
Cutting, copying, and pasting 3m 58s
Splitting clips 3m 40s
Automating volume with the Envelope tool and Auto Duck 7m 21s
Using common effects 9m 44s
Exporting your project 3m 55s

4. Common Tasks 23m 35s 

Installing the LAME MP3 encoder 3m 55s
Removing unwanted background noise 4m 48s
Using compression 7m 38s
Inserting silence 3m 12s
Bleeping out unwanted words and sounds 4m 2s
Conclusion 32s 
Goodbye 32s

home page:



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Groove3 - Cubase 6.5 Update Explained [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 - Cubase 6.5 Update Explained [TUTORiAL] | 262.43 MB


Just upgrade to the latest version of Cubase? Cubase guru Doug Zangar shows you all of the new features and functions contained in the awesome new Cubase 6.5 update. You'll learn to get the most out of this update and how to apply it to your productions. 

Doug starts off tearing into Retrologue, leaving no stone unturned, then breaks down Padshop, step by step. Next, Doug gets detailed with the new Comp Tool and shows you the streamlined Audiowarp function.

Doug then demonstrates the newly improved Amp Rack and demystifies the DJ-EQ and MorphFilter plug-ins. Lastly, Doug shows how you can now record and export using the FLAC format as well as easily share your creations via SoundCloud.

If you're rocking the latest Cubase 6.5, save time and effort... Get "Cubase 6.5 Update Explained" today.
Product Hightlights

14 Tutorials / Over 1 Hour Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate Cubase 6.5 users
Written by DAW superhero Doug Zangar
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC





Category: Tutorial | Reads: 363 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 13.11.2012

Groove3 - Mix School 101 [TUTORiAL]

Groove3 - Mix School 101 [TUTORiAL] | 957.07 MB


Are you just getting into mixing music? If so, boy are you lucky you found this collection of awesome tutorials by DAW guru Russ Hughes, co founder of Pro-Tools-Expert.com! Russ helps those either new to mixing, or who just don't feel satisfied with their mixes by starting right at the beginning, looking at what mixing is, and what makes a good mix. Then Russ performs a full, in-depth "over the shoulder" mixing session, explaining it all as he goes.

This series, although shown in Pro Tools 10, will help anyone on any DAW craft and hone their mixes into much better, professional sounding tracks that you can be proud of, as the theories presented apply to any DAW.

Russ starts with a detailed introduction to mixing, shows you "shapes" of mixes, the anatomy of a mix and mix "house keeping" to better manage and increase your mixing workflow. Next Russ gets into using groups and editing your tracks to make them mix ready. Russ then focuses on main vocals and background vocals, showing you how to get that "big" vocal sound.

The instruments are next to be mixed, including acoustic guitars, piano and keyboards, bass, drums, electric guitars and more! Russ then dives into important final tweaks, using automation and adding "magic dust" on the master buss. The final mix is then performed and Russ shows you how to bounce it to disc, and or use other means to create your master stereo file to share with the world. Just when you think it's over, Russ has included a bonus video called "Cleaning Up Live Drums" for those who need how to do so.

At over 4 hours long this series is designed to give the viewer the solid basics of mixing. This is great for someone just starting out, or for those who wish to visit the basics again to see if they have missed anything important. Even though this series is shown in Pro Tools 10, you'll be able to use the practices and theories on your own mixes in any DAW. Don't wait any longer, move to the top of the class... Watch "Mix School 101" today.
Product Highlights

19 tutorials / 4 hours total runtime
For all beginner to intermediate mixers, engineers and producers.
Shown in Pro Tools 10, but practices and theories work with any DAW.
Tutorials written by Pro-Tools-Expert.com founder and Russ Hughes
Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
Viewing Options: Online, Download, Disc, iDevice Streaming





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Ask Video - Live 8 Level 1 [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video - Live 8 Level 1 [TUTORiAL] | 278.30 MB

Learn to Create, Produce, and Perform with Live!

Morgan Pottruff is creates a true gem for Ableton Live 8. Morg will explain everything in a step by step, easy to follow style, and show you how to get the most out of Live.

33 Videos

Over 3 hours of instructional video

Extremely high quality tutorial videos

Great for users of all previous Live versions.

Учитесь создавать, производить, и выступать с живым!

Морган Поттрафф, создает истинный драгоценный камень для Ableton Живые 8. Морг объяснит все в пошаговом, легком, чтобы следовать за стилем и показать Вам, как стать больше всего из Живого.

33 Видео

Более чем 3 часа учебного видео

Чрезвычайно высококачественные учебные видео

Большой для пользователей всех предыдущих Живых версий.



Category: Tutorial | Reads: 364 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 13.08.2012

MacProVideo - Native Instruments 306: Massive Dubstep Sound Design [TUTORiAL]

MacProVideo - Native Instruments 306: Massive Dubstep Sound Design [TUTORiAL] | 298.20 MB

Native Instruments' Massive is the go-to synth for getting that deep and dirty Dubstep sound. See how award-winning synthesist/producer Rishabh Rajan programs this awesome soft-synth in this advanced, multi-tutorial course...

Massive is, well, MASSIVE! It's a multidimensional synth that inspires us to explore all kinds of electronic soundscapes from its awesome synth engine! Besides being an amazing multi-platform plug-in, Massive is also the favorite synth for all kinds of EDM and Dubstep producers worldwide. Because of its vast feature set, it takes an experienced synthesist like Rishabh Rajan to reveal all of its not-so-obvious functions while simultaneously showing us just how to get those complex Dubstep sounds.

In this workflow-based course Rishabh programs Massive's bank of oscillators, filters and unique modulators while explaining the the details of synthesizing Blazing Leads, Ethereal Pads, wild Wobble Basses and more. But this isn't a simple course on basic synthesis. This course assumes that you already have the basics down and want to learn the advanced synth techniques that'll help you discover and deploy your own unique Dubstep sounds in your productions.

So if you're looking for a course on Massive that takes you deep behind NI's virtual faceplate or if you simply want to perfect your Dubstep sonic vocabulary, this course by Rishabh Rajan will help you accelerate your programming skills faster than the speed of sound!

Родные Массивные Инструменты являются движением - к синтезатору для того, чтобы получить тот глубокий и грязный звук в стиле дабстеп. См., как награжденный призом synthesist/producer Ришэбх Раджан программирует этот удивительный мягкий синтезатор в этом продвинутом, мультиучебном курсе...

Массивный, ну, в общем, МАССИВНО! Это - многомерный синтезатор, который вдохновляет нас исследовать все виды электронного soundscapes от его удивительного двигателя синтезатора! Помимо того, чтобы быть удивительным многоплатформенным программным расширением, Массивным, также любимый синтезатор для всех видов EDM и производителей в стиле дабстеп во всем мире. Из-за его обширного набора признаков это берет опытный synthesist как Ришэбх Раджан, чтобы показать весь его не так очевидные функции, одновременно показывая нам, как получить те, сложный дабстеп звучит.

В этом основанном на технологическом процессе курсе программы Rishabh банк Мэссайва генераторов фильтры и уникальные модуляторы, объясняя детали синтезирования Сверкания Ведут, Эфирные Подушки, дикие Басы Колебания и больше. Но это не простой курс об основном синтезе. Этот курс предполагает, что Вы уже имеете основы вниз и хотите изучить продвинутые методы синтезатора, это поможет Вам обнаружить и развернуть свои собственные уникальные звуки в стиле дабстеп в Вашем производстве.

Таким образом, если Вы будете искать курс о Массивном, который берет Вас глубоко позади действительной лицевой панели NI или если Вы просто будете хотеть усовершенствовать свой звуковой словарь в стиле дабстеп, то этот курс Ришэбхом Раджаном поможет Вам ускорить свои программные навыки быстрее, чем скорость звука!






Category: Tutorial | Reads: 384 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 06.08.2012

Ask Video Advancing your Reason TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Ask Video Advancing your Reason TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
Team SYNTHiC4TE | 03 August 2012 | 230.15 MB
Links update: 08/12/2016
Morgan Pottruff is back (Reason, Reason 4, Reason 5, Live 5, Live 6, Live 8 and Melodyne) and he's ready to show you the advanced features of Reason 6! This is all the hard core stuff you need to know to really take your knowledge of Reason 6 to the next level.

Category: Tutorial | Reads: 332 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 04.08.2012

Ask Video - Live 8 Level 2 [TUTORiAL]

Ask Video - Live 8 Level 2 [TUTORiAL] | 269.19 MB

Learn to Create, Produce, and Perform with Live!

Morgan Pottruff is back with a true gem for Ableton Live 8. Morg will explain everything in a step by step, easy to follow style, and show you how to get the most out of Live. 

33 Videos

Over 3 hours of instructional video

Extremely high quality tutorial videos

Great for users of all Live versions.

Учитесь создавать, производить, и выступать с живым!

Морган Поттрафф вернулся с истинным драгоценным камнем для Ableton Живые 8.  Морг объяснит все в пошаговом, легком, чтобы следовать за стилем и показать Вам, как стать больше всего из Живого. 

33 Видео

Более чем 3 часа учебного видео

Чрезвычайно высококачественные учебные видео

Большой для пользователей всех Живых версий.






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Dance Music Production - Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti [MOV]

Dance Music Production - Sessions 05 Access Virus Ti [MOV] | 1.39 GB

The Access Virus has become one of the most influential synthesizers in the production of dance music and its sonic signature can be heard in all styles of dance music. Due to a large number of requests, for this sessions tutorial we examine the world famous Access Virus Ti synthesizer. Used by a huge variety of artists from Oakenfold to Sasha, to Dr Dre and Radiohead its has grown to be one the most popular synthesizers on the market. But despite its popularity and reputation it still remains a mystery to many artists due to the vast array of functions on offer.

In Sessions 05: The Virus Ti, we spend close to 5 hours of video walking through and dissecting the interface tab by tab covering all the parameters on offer including the browser, the three oscillators and the different synthesis engines they offer, the twin filters, the LFO's, the modulation matrix, the Arp, the effects, the Atomizer and Vocoder. We even cover the often bewildering remote utility and 'MIDI string programming' showing how to control other synths, virtual Instruments and Plug-ins using the Virus hardware parameters.

(NB: this tutorial concentrates on using the Ti integrated into the sequencer via its plug-in interface, it does not cover using the Virus as a standalone unit)

Tutorial Contents:

Session 01: Easy and Browser - 16 minutes
Session 02: Classic Oscillators - 33 minutes
Session 03: Hypersaws - 16 minutes
Session 04: Wavetable - 20 minutes
Session 05: Granular and Formant - 21 minutes
Session 06: Oscillator Final - 20 minutes
Session 07: Filters - 40 minutes
Session 08: LFO & Matrix - 25 minutes
Session 09: Arpeggiator - 12 minutes
Session 10: FX Section - 42 minutes
Session 11: Common & Patch - 27 minutes

Total Runtime 272 Minutes (4.5 Hours)


Вирус Доступа стал одним из самых влиятельных синтезаторов в производстве танцевальной музыки, и ее звуковую подпись можно услышать во всех стилях танцевальной музыки. Из-за большого количества запросов, для этой обучающей программы сессий мы исследуем всемирно известный Вирус Доступа синтезатор Ti. Используемый огромным разнообразием художников от Oakenfold до Саши, доктору Дре и Radiohead вырос, чтобы быть одним самые популярные синтезаторы на рынке. Но несмотря на его популярность и репутацию это все еще остается тайной многим художникам из-за обширного множества предлагаемых функций.

На Сессиях 05: Вирус Ti, мы тратим близко к 5 часам видео, идущего через и анализирующего интерфейсный счет счетом, покрывающим все предлагаемые параметры включая браузер, эти три генератора и различные двигатели синтеза, которые они предлагают, двойные фильтры, LFO's, матрица модуляции, Arp, эффекты, Пульверизатор и Вокодер. Мы даже покрываем часто изумительную отдаленную полезность и 'программирование последовательности MIDI', показывающее, как управлять другими синтезаторами, действительными Инструментами и Программными расширениями, используя Вирусные параметры аппаратных средств.

(NB: эта обучающая программа концентрируется на использовании Ti, объединенного в программу упорядочения через ее интерфейс программного расширения, это не покрывает использование Вируса как автономная единица),



Category: Tutorial | Reads: 380 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 29.07.2012

Lynda iPad Music Production Inputs Mics and MIDI

Lynda iPad Music Production Inputs Mics and MIDI | 580.46 MB

This course shows off the latest techniques and devices for recording live music with the Apple iPad. Author and musician Garrick Chow explores real-world recording scenarios, including the iPad's built-in input options (and why to avoid them), and shares alternative methods of getting your audio in and out of the iPad. The course covers instrument input devices like the Apogee Jam and Alesis iO Dock, compares microphones, and shows how to connect and play MIDI devices through the iPad. 

Release Info:
Author: Garrick Chow
Subject: Audio, Music Production, Recording, Home Computing, iPhone + iPad 
Software: iPad
Level: Beginner
Duration:53m 22s 

Этот курс хвастается последними методами и устройствами для того, чтобы записать живую музыку с iPad Apple.  Автор и музыкант Гаррик Чоу исследуют реальные сценарии записи, включая встроенные входные варианты iPad (и почему избежать их), и разделяет альтернативные методы того, чтобы вкладывать Ваше аудио и из iPad.  Курс покрывает устройства ввода инструмента как Пробка Апогея и Док Alesis iO, сравнивает микрофоны и показывает, как соединить и играть устройства MIDI через iPad. 

Информация выпуска:
Автор: Гаррик Чоу
Предмет:  Аудио, Музыкальное Производство, Запись, Домашнее Вычисление, iPhone + iPad 
Программное обеспечение: iPad
Уровень: Новичок
22 Duration:53m




Category: Tutorial | Reads: 285 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 29.07.2012

Sound Studio, Seventh Edition: Audio techniques for Radio, Television, Film and Recording

Sound Studio, Seventh Edition: Audio techniques for Radio, Television, Film and Recording| 16.06 MB

Publisher: Focal Press | 2003 | ISBN: 0240519116 | Pages: 400 | PDF

Alec Nisbett provides encyclopaedic coverage of everything from acoustics, microphones and loudspeakers, to editing, mixing and sound effects, as well as a comprehensive glossary.

Through its six previous editions, The Sound Studio has been used for over 40 years as a standard work of reference on audio techniques. For a new generation, it links all the best techniques back to their roots: the unchanging guiding principles that have long been observed over a wide range of related media and crafts.

Алек Нисбетт обеспечивает энциклопедическое освещение всего от акустики, микрофонов и громкоговорителей, к редактированию, смешиванию и звуковым эффектам, так же как всестороннему глоссарию.

Через ее шесть предыдущих выпусков Нормальная Студия использовалась больше 40 лет в качестве стандартной цитируемой работы на аудио методах. Для нового поколения это связывает все лучшие методы назад с их корнями: неизменные руководящие принципы, которые долго наблюдались по широкому диапазону связанных СМИ и ремесел.




Category: Tutorial | Reads: 246 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 23.07.2012

MacProVideo.com The Art of Audio Recording Recording Vocals TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS

MacProVideo.com The Art of Audio Recording Recording Vocals TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS
Team SONiTUS | 10.2011 | 751.15 MB
Links update: 14/12/2016
Whether you’re working in a world-class audio environment with a million dollar console, or your spare bedroom with a beat up old ball mic, this tutorial shows you everything you need to know to record platinum sounding vocals into your DAW.

Category: Tutorial | Reads: 423 | Add: shlyapa | Date: 28.06.2012
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