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Soundfreqs - The Ultimate Alchemy Masterclass

MP4 | 33 Tutorials | 5.93 GB

Alchemy is all your favorite synths in one. Once you begin to understand it, you’re understanding it all.

Get an insider understanding of Alchemy! From synthesis & sample manipulation to routing & mapping techniques, Alchemy can create the sounds you have always dreamed of.

See why the pros think Alchemy is magic! Dig deep with us and discover the game-changing abilities hiding in every corner of this beastly synth.

Understand every button, knob and option. With your new knowledge you will simply know exactly what to do to get the sounds you imagine.

Move beyond presets and craft your most impressive sounds yet. Create with confident intention, and watch Alchemy become your new secret weapon.

Take Complete Control – At Your Own Pace.

When an idea finally “clicks,” all your skills level up. That’s the breakthrough moment. And when you can learn at your own pace, you won’t miss a single one.
That’s why every little section of Alchemy is carefully broken up into an easy “learn on-demand” video. Beginner? Take your time and go through the basics as many times as you need. Just the first few videos will take your skills (and sound) to a whole new level.
Advanced? Watch videos 19-30 a few times so you don’t miss anything… We bet you’ll pick up something exciting every time you watch.

Connect The Dots. Take Control of Your Sounds.

Imagine for a minute you’re sitting at a piano. I don’t know whose piano. Your Grandma’s maybe. Anyway, it sounds just as beautiful as you’d expect, but when you let go of the note you hear a new sound trailing off… is that a shimmering acoustic guitar?
But the impossible becomes the every-day with Alchemy. Your imagination is the only limit. (Unless you’re imagining your Grandma’s magic piano. That doesn’t exist.)
I’m imagining a powerful, crisp and low sawtooth shuffle supported by the gentle winds of a sassy saxist! I think I’ll go make that.
It’s all about creating your sounds with intention, and this masterclass will lead you there. (HINT: It’s not about using everything – it’s about understanding the right knobs to touch.

Unlock Your Own Secret Universe of Sonic Possibilities.

Alchemy is the secret weapon of top producers around the world because of it’s amazing flexibility.
Inside you’ll find over 8+ synthesis types including Granular, Spectral, Additive, Formant, and Virtual Analog. Combine this with one of the most powerful sample manipulation engines on earth, and you have personal access to just about every type of sound design technology known to man!
It’s a lot to take in! That’s why in this Masterclass we break everything down simply. You’ll learn to view each section of Alchemy as flexible ingredients you can “cook together” however you like. For example, did you know you can use additive synthesis to create a wavetable synth? (Psst, by the way, that’s what “Massive” is – a Wavetable Synth.)
It can even transform any sound into another in a beautiful, musical way.

“The Most Complete Alchemy Masterclass Course Ever Created.”

What’s Included?

Over 8 hours of masterclass level instruction across more than 30 “over-the-shoulder” video lectures (we dig deep, but keep it conversational so it’s easy to follow.)

More than 30 easy-to-follow lectures thoughtfully categorized (go through one after the next, or simply skip to exactly what you’re looking for. Creating a sound and need a refresh on properly using filters? That’s video 13. Just go right to it.)

The in-depth “why and how” explanation of every button, knob and feature inside of Alchemy (we don’t just point them out. We use and explain everything right in front of you.)


Over 90 minutes of real-world “right in front of you” comprehensive examples.

One of the best ways we learn is by watching our friends create right in front of us.

That’s why we recorded over 90 minutes of additional candid sound design and sample manipulation.

Watching the process in real time while being talked through it is one of the best ways to solidify your new knowledge. This will really help when you sit down to create yourself!

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